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Make an offer your customers can't refuse

Let me make you an offer you cannot refuse. Imagine an AI is automatically optimizing and personalizing your discounts and customer communications. Your customer connection gets to an all time high. Your order volume goes through the roof and your NPS scores are at their best. You get more time on your hands to run a leaner business and improve your profit margins. Who wouldn’t take this offer? Does such an offer even exist and how do you learn more about it?

In order to achieve this scenario, you as an SMB merchant must learn how to make intelligent offers to your customers. Better pricing doesn’t always mean you compromise on your topline. It is a subtle art to decide between a lucrative offer for your customer and a wide profit margin on your goods sold.

Broken down to the mechanics, making the best offer requires numerous metrics calculated at lightspeed on your e-commerce store. And coming up with them manually is a mind numbing task.

Especially if you have a long product line, it is difficult to decide on the right discount price for each item. A lot of times you compromise on your profit margin with a one-size-fits-all discount just to get that extra order. And this continues to eat up your profit margins month after month. So, knowing when the price is right can be problematic after all.

And how do you know when the price is right? You don’t. That’s why we came up with an app that does it for you. Qubriux app schedules emails and SMSes for you, helps you rapidly grow your revenues, accelerates your ecommerce growth, introduces gamification for customer loyalty, and helps drive traffic to your store. It engages your customers smartly with the right offers and discounts to decide on a price that is right for both you and your customers.

Wouldn’t you love it if your customer engagement is so high that a defining majority of them made repeat purchases? With Qubriux, your customers can now decide the offer they desire with gamification of choosing discounts.

In some cases, the offer a customer needs to encourage buying is merely free shipping and Qubriux can predict this for you. This is a feature called the negotiator where a customer plays a game selecting offer prices for products on their wishlist. And it is an exceptionally useful feature to increase customer loyalty. You need to try it to believe it.

If you are still wondering about it, the solution to better profit margins while maintaining a great offer price is to move away from the manual calculations of pricing on your store and move towards intelligent pricing. The smarter SMB merchants on Shopify manage pricing using artificial intelligence and machine learning processes.

These processes use AI to predict the right offer based on past purchases and present demand. Qubriux’s AI-based hyper-personalization helps you make offers that are optimized based on the customer’s past purchase history, frequency of purchase and even the trends of purchases on demand.

A Harvard Business Review report shows that hyper-personalization of offers for your customers can deliver five to eight times the ROI on your marketing spend. So, using a marketing automation and product recommendation app like Qubriux on Shopify not only cuts the cost on discount pricing but also saves you a lot of dollars on the customer acquisition cost. You don’t have to think twice before leveraging the top dollar benefits from an app like Qubriux. And Qubriux does not have an equivalent in the market. It stands alone in its AI capabilities to create hyper-personalized optimization of offers and product recommendations.

It is really one of a kind and delivers a comprehensive e-commerce revenue accelerator offer that you simply can’t refuse.

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