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Don't just serve food, build relationships.

All in one platform at an affordable pricing.

The average restaurant loses 30-40% of its best customers every year.

With Qubriux you can stay in touch with your customers at every touch point so they  never leave you. Turn guests into loyal customers!

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Why choose Qubriux?

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Customer Loyalty program

Build highly customizable loyalty programs. Share loyalty rewards, improve customer engagement and retention


Marketing campaigns

With in built marketing automation capabilities, you can create, schedule and send campaigns across emails, SMS, social media, WhatsApp and more!



 Create granular segments with real time user information to send the right message to the right customers.

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Customer insights

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers by understanding their buying patterns with our analytics dashboard. 


Individualized offers

Personalize every offer depending on buyers intent and past buying behavior.


Customer feedback

Send out interactive surveys to understand what customers think about your brand and services

Qubriux brings you the advanced technology used by Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.

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