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Avoid losing customers.
Drive repeat business
like never before.

World's most powerful customer loyalty & engagement platform for small and medium businesses.

Restaurants, Retail & eCommerce

All-in-one unified


Ai powered


You have a great product, but your customers are not coming back. Sounds familiar?

Transform your casual visitor into a loyal customer.  Make that new customer come back again for second, third and fourth order. Research has shown that it takes at least 3 purchases for a customer to be loyal.  Our Ai powered all-in-one customer engagement hub has got everything you need to engage your customer through email, text, social media and more.

Qubriux brings you the advanced technology used by Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.

Qubriux is a result of years of experience of us developing platforms and solutions for fortune 500 companies including world's largest coffee chain. 

You are not alone! 

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Streamline Your Customer Engagement with a Single, Affordable Solution.

You are busy running your business. The last thing you want is to deal with multiple customer platforms.
Make your life easy with a one stop platform to handle it all with an affordable pricing.

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Drive repeat business through strategized automations.

Want to send personalized promotions to all your customers on their birthday? Want to win back your lost customers? Our automation takes care of strategizing and engaging with your customers, while you take care of running your business.


Partner with other businesses for cross-promotions

Are your customers happy with your offers?  Qubriux let's you partner with other merchants and create relevant offers for your customers


Integrated with Email,SMS,Whatsapp,Facebook & Instagram

Reach your customers through multiple channels with one click. Design campaigns which are integrated with Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. 


Create custom loyalty programs.

Create loyalty program with ease. Create loyalty tiers such as silver,gold, platinum, etc. Our platform takes care of promoting and maintaining customers into tiers.

Integrated with POSs, Online Ordering Platforms, Shopify and more.

Worried about integration? Qubriux is already integrated with multiple POSs, Online Ordering Platforms, E-Commerce Platforms and more.  


Online Ordering


Use AI to help in Loyalty Management & Analytics.

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Generate individualised offers for each customer

One-size-fit all offers leaves money on the table. Individualize your offers to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction. Our AI helps you individualize offers, finding the right offer for each customer, revenue and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Create personalized emails using AI

Don't have time to think through and write winning promotional emails? Worried about grammar and spell checks? Our AI-generated emails are designed to be personalized and tailored to your customer’s needs, providing a more meaningful and engaging experience.  

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AI generated analytics & Insight

Tired of having to go to a dashboard every time? Now, you can type in English and generate analytics and insights. Use Ai and  understand your customers, more easier, faster, and better!

Everything customer engagement & loyalty at one place.

All our plans come up with full features but differ based on the size and type of business and the number of emails and SMS you can send. 

  • Loyalty Management

  • Campaigns

  • Segmentation

  • Email Designer

  • Access to hundreds of pre-created email templates

  • Gamification

  • Surveys and feedbacks

  • Analytics

  • Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram Integration

  • A/B testing

  • Upsell Recommendation

Get ready to engage your customers and increase your revenue.

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